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October 16, 2011

Johnny Cash NE Band Vinyl Car or Wall Decal Sticker

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August 20, 2011

Cash For Clunkers

Filed under: Cash For Cars — Tags: , — @ 12:07 am A general ad suitable for all kinds of cars and autos wanted businesses. “With a headlight missing, upholstery ripped and the floorboards rusting, your old car has definitely seen better days. It’s wasting space and you need to get rid of it, but who’s going to buy the junky old thing? We will! We buy all vehicles, no matter their condition. Body damage, mechanical issues, missing parts, broken windows, total lemons — we love them all! Whether they’re gently used or completely totaled, drive, tow or push your old car in and walk out with cold hard cash. We buy your car — dead or alive. ”
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August 7, 2011

Cash 4 Clunkers Car Destroyed

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Cash 4 Clunkers Car Destroyed
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At 90 years old, this Depression-era great-grandmother from Orlando, Fla., has a lesson for all of us about surviving in a tough economy. Shes still driving her 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente. Price back then: 89. Thats less than the 00 the government gives to trash a car today in the cash for clunkers program. She jokes her car has been oh-so-faithful. She’s better than three husbands,” Veitch said. Shes never lied to me, shes never cheated on me, and I can always depend on her. But with nearly 600000 miles on the odometer, the real story is in those lifetime warranties. She paid Midas .23 for a lifetime muffler. Such a deal! Midas has replaced her muffler seven times. Ditto with JCPenney and her battery: Shes had 17 batteries replaced. Even though JCPenney no longer has an automotive department, they still make arrangements to honor her contract. Then theres Sears and the shock absorbers. Sears has replaced her shocks three times. Three cheers for Rachel, who has collected for all Americans who bought extended warranties but for some loophole reason, never collected. As I sat with Rachel in her living room, teapot on a doily, I felt I could be with anyones grandmother in America. But when we hopped behind the wheel of her baby, the car she nicknamed Chariot so long ago, her bright eyes and tight grip confirmed Rachel, like her car, is an American original. She picked up her 1970s-era CB radio, flipped over to channel 19 and asked, Is anyone out there? Static. No

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