Rental Reimbursement Insurance Quotes Now Featured at Consumer Insurance Website

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The general liability plans that some insurance companies provide to American consumers can fall short on coverage for rental vehicles or medical payments. The Insurance Pros company is now featuring rental reimbursement insurance quotes for drivers who use its website this year at

New agencies are providing the car owner plans that are now being featured to review or quote at the Insurance Pros website. Consumers who appreciate no-fee rentals of a new vehicle after an accident will be the target group of individuals who quote the plans now being supplied on a national level.

“The rental car insurance quotes that a person will find while using our open database are underwritten nationally although might be limited in some states,” one source said.

All quotations that are obtained this year include updated pricing. For auto owners who are not seeking rental coverage plans, the standard full coverage or state minimum protection that is available to all drivers can still be located through use of the searchable database online.

“Through arrangements will new agencies, we are able to introduce more than one policy for car owners to explore or to quote while using our updated database,” the source included.

The new policies that consumers can freely review and access are in no way limited to automotive coverage. Adults can also choose between long-term or short-term life, health or homeowner policies from different companies that are now being featured inside the Insurance Pros database for 2015.


The company is a leading independent source on the web to research, review and to find North American insurance policies. The company connects its search portal that is now active on its website with some of the most well-known agencies nationally. The company presents new ways to search for discount providers of auto, health and life plans by way of its revamped database online.

Ford C6 Transmissions in Used Condition Now for Sale in 3-Speed Inventory at Gearbox Reseller Website

Houston, TX (PRWEB) April 24, 2015

Classic automatic transmission assemblies are still supported through some American retailers to provide support for pre-1990 motor vehicles. The Preowned Transmissions company is now selling Ford C6 transmissions that are in second hand condition from its 3-speed inventory this year at

The used C6 assemblies that are currently for sale are expected to offer a resource for Bronco, Mustang or F-Series truck owners nationally. Someone who explores the units that are now being offered will be able to sort the inventory by the variety of bell-housings and engine size compatibility at the POT website.

“Ford stopped using the C6 in the 1996 year although there were millions of automobiles that had this brand of gearbox installed,” said a rep.

The used transmissions that are now on sale in the Ford 3-speed inventory are mixed between automatic and manual hydraulic builds. Car or truck owners as well as auto body mechanics can now find a match for one of the stick-shift or automatic C6 builds by accessing the inventory parts finder on the homepage.

“We now support a larger base of customers that includes drag racers, car tuners, car restoration companies and auto body shops buying Ford replacement transmissions,” said the rep.

The Preowned Transmissions company has enabled a one-touch checkout tool for 2015 that speeds up the order processing for in stock assemblies. Once a price has been quoted, a person can easily being the process of checkout or call the customer service department to place offline orders.


The company provides one of the top searchable inventories of used automatic and manual gearboxes that is for sale in the United States. The company has integrated brand new sets of search tools on its automotive website this year. The company invests into new partnerships with auto parts suppliers to help revise its available inventory that consumers purchase from annually.

OKC Salvage Yards Now Searchable for Preowned Car, Truck and SUV Parts at Automotive Website

Oklahoma City, OK (PRWEB) March 26, 2015

New agreements with companies across Oklahoma County in the United States has helped the company to provide a better research system for auto parts purchasers. There are now OKC salvage yards that are searchable by the public to find SUV, truck and vehicle components in used condition at

The regular need that some consumers have to visit a yard in person in order to find a suitable replacement part will now be decreased with the offering of the new web search this year. Because a listing of yards can be retrieved in one search, a consumer will have more options to choose from regarding pricing and warranty terms between the different junk yards available in OKC.

“Every provider that can now be found while using our system is a trusted business specializing in foreign and domestic second hand inventory,” said one rep.

The brand new provider listings in Oklahoma City that can be explored through use of the public vehicle parts locator tool now available should help improve parts deliveries to consumers. A person who is hoping to avoid out of stock messages for classic components will benefit through use of the database since all posted inventory is available during every search.

“Yards that deal in second hand components open up each day in the U.S. although no two companies will provide the same types of inventory to consumers who purchase auto parts,” the rep added.

With more Oklahoma salvage yards being contacted for inclusion in the auto parts database, the Locate Car Parts company hopes to provide research opportunities in other cities this year. The daily changes made to the system is helping to keep posted inventory accurate for people who are using the database to price used car parts on the web.


The company supplies a web search tool to introduce various junk yards across the U.S. to consumers who plan to purchase components for sale. The company upgraded its research tools to instantly connect people with yards in 2015. The company continues to offer search methods that start at the local level to assist average people with parts buying.

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